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Setting Up a Laboratory: Storage Equipment Must-Haves

Setting Up a Laboratory Storage Equipment Must-Haves

Laboratories are complex and potentially dangerous environments that need to be set up with optimal conditions in mind. Lab technicians routinely handle sensitive items and caustic chemicals that need to be stored in precise conditions and managed extremely carefully. When it comes to setting up a laboratory space, planning for the right storage equipment is crucial.

Stainless steel is generally one of the best options for storage equipment and is routinely found in laboratories around the world. It’s strong, non-porous, and easy to clean. All attributes which make it ideal for laboratory environments. Here are some storage equipment must-haves for setting up a laboratory.

Stainless Steel Storage Shelves-Laboratory storage shelves

1. Stainless Steel Storage Shelves

Laboratories typically store a multitude of items, all of which need to be easily and quickly identifiable. Stainless steel laboratory storage shelves are perfect for the job. They are extremely durable and the openness of the shelving structure makes it easy to store and access items. They are also cost effective and can be customised to your needs.

As compared to conventional laboratory cupboards and shelves, open stainless steel shelves allow for better visual identification. Air can also circulate over the stored items, reducing dust and grime. Cleaning is also much easier and can be done quickly by lab personnel.

2. Security Cages

Safety and security are two other important considerations for any laboratory. Dangerous chemicals are often used in lab settings and these substances need to be kept away from unauthorised personnel. In some cases there might also be expensive items or equipment that will need to be safeguarded to protect against cases of theft.

Wire security cages provide a reliable solution for storing valuable inventory. Their open wire mesh construction allows for full visual access while ensuring resilience against any attempts at theft via sealed lockable double doors.

3. Stainless Steel Tables

In sterile environments, stainless steel is the preferred material for work surfaces. Easily sanitised and non-absorbent, it is often used for applications like drug packaging, IV or saline preparation, chemotherapy drugs, and sterile tool packaging. Stainless steel tables also do not rust nor do they flake off particulates. They are also able to stand up against many industrial grade cleaners and solvents without deteriorating in quality.

Stainless Steel Trolleys-Laboratory trolley

4. Stainless Steel Trolleys

With a constant inflow and outflow of inventory, laboratories have to be dynamic, mobile, and highly adaptable settings for maximum productivity. Where storage shelves tend to be permanent immovable fixtures, stainless steel laboratory trolleys allow for items to be moved from one place to another. Either within the laboratory itself or to other rooms outside.

Bringing all the benefits of stainless steel, these trolleys are also effortless to manoeuvre and ensure stability during handling. They are designed to last for years and can withstand wear and tear from regular usage, including external impacts and corrosion. Easy to maintain, they have a good strength to weight ratio which allows for moving heavy objects with minimal effort.

When it comes to setting up a professional laboratory environment it’s always best to go for quality without compromise. Stainless steel is a highly versatile material that’s found in laboratories around the world and is highly recognised as setting the standard for storage equipment in sterile settings.

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