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Industries that Benefit from Stainless Steel Equipment

Industries that Benefit from Stainless Steel Equipment

Stainless steel as a material, has several intrinsic properties that make it well-sought after in a number of different industries. An alloy of iron, chromium, and carbon, stainless steel is strong, durable, ductile, and is able to withstand wear and tear caused by mechanical forces. It also functions well across a wide range of temperatures. Adding to this impressive list, stainless steel is easy to clean, fire-resistant, and has a variety of aesthetically pleasing surface finishes which range from matte to bright.

However the foremost quality that stainless steel possesses, is its resistance to corrosion. Boasting a minimum chromium content of at least 10.5%, stainless steel is protected from rust and other forms of natural deterioration. This trait of stainless steel is what allows it to play a prominent role in our everyday lives and why it is so essential in these industries listed below.

1. Retail

How many of us have seen rows and rows of stainless steel racks used for storage in a retail environment? Retail items can be very heavy and may need to be stored for long periods of time. Stainless steel offers the durability and structural integrity required to protect a store owner's inventory.

Stainless steel racks can be installed quickly and require very little maintenance to perform their functions. Retail environments also sometimes expose storage materials to a wide range of chemical contaminants, and businesses need to ensure that their chosen storage solution is up to the task.

The high strength of stainless steel also provides security for stored items. Wire security cages made from stainless steel are rust-proof and highly secure. For the level of protection they provide, they are relatively lightweight and wheels can be attached to move valuable inventory around with ease. Stainless steel is also a cost-effective solution that ticks many boxes.

Retail Stainless Steel Racks-Stainless steel racks for storage

Food & Beverage

The food & beverage industry is probably where stainless steel is most commonly found. From cutlery to kitchenware and food processing equipment, stainless steel is used for almost every surface which comes into contact with food.

The reason for this ubiquity comes down to how extremely hygienic it is. As a nonporous material, it does not allow for bacteria or other contaminants to build up anywhere on its surface. Stainless steel work tables require minimal effort to clean, and the high corrosion resistance ensures that it maintains its properties even after harsh cleaning agents are used for disinfecting.

Food and Beverage-Stainless steel Work Table Singapore

3. Health Care

Health care equipment has to be held to high standards for cleanliness. Easy to sterilise and rust-proof, stainless steel fits the bill perfectly and is used for operating tables, organ dishes, surgical instruments, and orthopaedic implants. The smooth surface of stainless steel tables prevents the growth of microorganisms which is critical in an environment where infections have to be prevented.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel also means that such equipment can undergo multiple uses and cleaning without losing the properties that make it ideal for the medical field. This can lead to cost savings as stainless steel equipment can last for a long time before needing to be replaced.

4. Manufacturing

Stainless steel is used for many different applications in manufacturing. The unique combination of strength, durability, and non-reactivity makes it an ideal choice in numerous situations. However, stainless steel’s versatility as a material is what allows it to truly shine in this industry.

Stainless steel can be moulded or stamped into any number of forms. The composition of stainless steel can also be altered to match differing requirements. It can be enhanced with additional chromium and nickel to improve corrosion resistance, supplemented with carbon to increase strength, and can even be made to be more magnetic for certain applications.

At we fully understand the myriad benefits of stainless steel as a suitable material for a variety of industrial applications. From stainless steel work tables in Singapore to shelves, trolleys, security carts, and garment racks, we provide a wide range of equipment that are able to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the products we sell and let us know if you need a quote.


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