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Ensuring Safety in Facilities with Mobile Storage Systems

Ensuring Safety in Facilities with Mobile Storage Systems

When it comes to storing our items, we all desire a space-saving solution that empowers greater organisation and accessibility. There are two types of storage systems. The first is a static system, where shelves are in a fixed position and the second is a mobile system, which allows flexibility as the shelves can be moved when necessary thanks to the wheels mounted at the base.

However, static storage systems generally have a flaw: When the items on the top of these shelves pile up, their risk of falling is higher, potentially causing damage to both items and flooring especially from a great height. On the other hand, mobile storage systems are able to overcome this issue as it provides more storage space, preventing over-cluttering of items on the shelves.

Although mobility systems have shown their benefits, there is still a safety concern with regard to their wheels. Fret not, here are some methods to ensure safety in facilities with mobile storage systems:

1. Move the mobile storage systems carefully

When relocating these mobile shelves, be sure to move them one at a time. Use both hands to hold it steady and push these shelves over to the designated location. Do not rush the process of shifting these shelves to avoid items from toppling over.

2. Ensure your facility allows safe movement of these systems

While these mobile systems are space-saving solutions, having a clean and wide floor space is still recommended for ease of mobility. Ensure ample space to facilitate these movements. A brightly lit environment is also ideal, allowing employees to see clearly when shifting these mobile storage systems.

For easy manoeuvring of items, leverage our utility cart that has two U-shaped handles for a better grip, allowing two people to move the cart when there is heavy equipment. Manufactured from premium chrome or stainless steel, it is made for maximum durability.

Ensure your facility allows safe movement of these systems utility cart

3. Lock the wheels when it is left stationary

Always remember to lock the wheels when your mobile shelves are not in use to prevent any sudden movements should others bump into them. Try to place all these systems in an area that does not block the hallway.

Our laboratory trolleys are a great option for the transportation of items. With its sturdiness, you can easily move the items with the trolley across steep flooring with ease.

4. Tap onto safety technology

Thanks to the advancement in technology, safety features have been developed to prevent any mishaps from human errors. For example, motion sensors can detect any obstructions.

5. Always keep your mobile shelving units clean, especially the casters/wheels

For heavy equipment like mobile computer workstations, ensure that all the wiring is curled up and placed on the shelves before moving them out to prevent the wheels from getting dangled in the wires.

Overall, mobile storage systems provide convenience with their mobility. While danger concerns may be raised from its design, there are still measures we can follow to reinforce safety for everyone in the facility.

At Shelvings, we offer high-quality and heavy-duty shelving solutions. Whether you are looking for static or mobile storage systems, rest assured our products will be able to meet your needs. To find out more information on storage solutions, contact us today!


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