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Industrial Shelving: Maximising Space in Small Facilities

Industrial Shelving Maximising Space in Small Facilities

In Singapore, it is not just residential units that are becoming smaller. Even commercial spaces, such as storage facilities, warehouses, and retail spaces are shrinking in size. As a result, finding an appropriately-sized location at an affordable price is becoming increasingly challenging. Businesses today have to pay higher prices for larger spaces, or stick to small ones. If this is you, worried about how you can fully utilise a small area, we share some tips to help you maximise your space.

1. Make full use of vertical space

There is only so much floor space available for you to utilise, and if you run out of space, what else can you do? Consider building upwards towards your ceiling. The air space in any facility will typically be left untouched. If that’s the case for your business, it only makes sense to maximise that area by building your stainless steel shelves vertically to accommodate more items. Even if it means having to use a ladder to reach the top shelves, it is a more efficient use of your premises than relying entirely on low-lying units.

2. Look for smaller options

There tends to be awkward corners in various parts of any commercial facility, and the most efficient way to utilise all these areas is to find shelving that can fit. Whether it is narrow wire shelves or small rivet shelvings that can slide into cramped areas, it is a good idea to invest in these equipment to maximise your use of space. You can also look for options that can fit below your stainless steel work tables or counters, leaving as little wasted space as possible.

3. Manage your inventory

Inventory management is a very crucial part of storage management. Businesses should always keep track of the supplies they’re receiving and distributing to get a clear picture of what they have in their stockrooms, which will also tell you when you need to do a restock. This will affect the number of storage equipment you’ll need.

Managing your inventory is also about putting all the items in their rightful places. For example, small and loose pieces in little boxes and larger, bulkier ones on bigger stainless steel shelves. This ensures a more efficient storage organisation.

4. Customise your storage units

Another way to maximise your facility space is to customise all your stainless steel shelving equipment. From the length of each rack to the height and width of each shelf layer, building the storage unit according to the shape and size of your stocks and the amount of inventory you have helps optimise storage efficiency. This also means you get to personalise your shelves according to the actual size of the space, which helps you utilise every available inch.

5. Get one large unit instead of multiple small ones

Lastly, instead of purchasing multiple small storage units to fill your facility, consider buying larger stainless steel racks that can fit into your space. Having many smaller shelves takes up extra space because with every additional unit, more gaps are introduced between each of them, which can be better utilised for other storage purposes. If you worry about clutter, mess and disorganisation, you can purchase dividers or smaller boxes to categorise your stocks neatly.

Are you looking for commercial storage solutions for your facility? Regardless of which industry your business is in, there are various options for you to choose from. Shelvings is your one-stop shop for all storage solutions in Singapore. Contact us today to find one most suited to your needs.


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