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The Benefits of Security Cages for Storage

Whether you run a warehouse or storage facility or any other business with a lot of products on hand, your most valuable asset is your inventory. Aside from having a proper storage system of sturdy stainless steel shelves to keep all your belongings, necessities, and products neatly organized, a secure storage unit that can prevent theft or damage is essential.

Although stainless steel shelves are sufficient for storage, their open storage compartments make it difficult to keep your items safely secured. If you want to protect your belongings, chrome steel security cages, which are fully enclosed storage units, are a better option than shelves. Here’s why.

1. Easy Installation

Chrome steel security cages, much like standard stainless steel shelf racks, are very easy to assemble and install. They can be easily assembled with a few common tools, or you can have your security cage supplier assemble and install them for you. Many security cages come with casters, which eliminates the need to find ways to anchor them to the ground. Simply lock the casters when you want them to remain stationary and unlock them when you want to move them.

2. Improved Visibility

Whatever products your company handles, you should always be able to quickly locate and identify your merchandise and/or supplies. Some shelf racks do not provide as much visibility as wired security cages and can hinder your business operations by forcing your employees to spend more time checking inventory status and getting things done. Productivity is the most important in any business, and security cages can help you improve it.

3. Cost-Effective

Rather than spending money on building a new storage space or expanding a portion of your storage system, security cages provide a low-cost method of organisation and security that does not require you to spend extra money. They are a quick and simple way to improve your storage setup while also protecting your goods. If you require additional storage space in another area of your facility, security cages fitted with casters can be wheeled to different locations to serve their purpose and help you save money on storage.

4. Safe & Secure

No company is completely safe from theft or product misuse. When you store valuable or expensive items on open stainless steel shelves, you give others the opportunity to steal them or use them for personal gain. However, with a security cage, you can restrict access to a specific number of people to prevent potential theft or misuse.

Additionally, if your employees are not cautious, items on open shelf racks can topple over or sustain damage. The door fitted on security cages can act as a barrier to keep your goods out of reach and prevent such accidents.

To ensure sturdiness and durability, our security cages are made of industrial-grade carbon steel and coated with high gloss chrome over nickel electroplating.

5. Easy to Use

After installation, security cages can be used immediately and don’t require any special skills or tools to operate.

Security cages can aid in providing adequate ventilation, decluttering your space, and providing a secure storage unit for your goods. Even if security isn't a top priority for you, these are excellent storage options for any facility.

Are you looking for storage solutions? From design to professional installation, Shelvings can assist you in designing the ideal industrial shelving system to meet all of your requirements. Visit our website to find out more about our product offerings.


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