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Metal Shelving Units And Their Benefits

Stainless steel shelves thumbs up

Steel shelving racks, such as chrome steel or stainless steel, are among the strongest, most space-efficient, and most durable types of shelving available for a commercial facility. They are also one of the most popular material choices due to their easy maintenance. If you’re curious about how they can help you, here are some of their advantages and benefits.

1. Durability

Chrome and Stainless steel is a metal alloy composed of elements such as iron, carbon, chromium, and other alloying elements. Each alloying element adds a variety of properties to stainless steel; nickel and manganese increase strength, while chromium increases stainless steel’s resistance to oxidation.

When these elements are combined and formed into steel racks for storage, they become highly corrosion resistant, can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, and can also withstand the daily abuse caused by human activity and other equipment. They do not dent, chip or scratch easily. Even if they are damaged, steel shelving racks do not weaken and continue to function normally.

2. Space Efficiency & Customisation

Chrome and Stainless steel racks for storage can be customised to meet the needs of your business, allowing you to design the most efficient shelving system for inventory storage. You can use the space efficiently to arrange your items systematically by selecting the height of your shelving rack or adding additional shelves to increase storage capacity.

These metal shelving racks also allow you to store things vertically or horizontally, and can be easily placed in corners of your facility or lined up against a wall to free up space for movement and other equipment.

3. Hygienic

Stainless steel shelves are especially easy to maintain and keep clean, making them suitable for use even in facilities where hygiene is crucial, such as cleanrooms and medical institutions.

Their smooth and non-porous surface prevents dirt, grime, bacteria, and other germs from entering the material; additionally, these harmful substances cannot easily remain on the surface of stainless steel. Even if they do appear, they can be easily removed with a gentle cleaning solution and a soft cloth.

However, stainless steel shelving racks should still be cared for because despite being corrosion-resistant, they can still rust if moisture is present. Corrosion can weaken the material and make it more vulnerable to more damages.

4. Aesthetic Appearance

Chrome and Stainless steel has the same clean, shiny, and modern appearance that complements a wide range of other materials and styles. While the interior appearance of an industrial facility may not be important, our chrome and stainless steel shelves add some visual appeal to your space to make it appear nice, clean and tidy.

5. Sustainable

Lastly, because they are typically made from approximately 70% scrap metal, stainless steel shelving racks are a highly sustainable choice of equipment. It's also a recyclable material that can be repurposed into new products.

If your company is attempting to adopt more sustainable practices in order to meet the demands of green consumerism, stainless steel equipment should be considered if it is not already in use in your facility.

These are just a few of the many advantages that stainless steel has that other materials may not have. They are ideal for use in any commercial facility and should be considered if you are looking for storage solutions.

Are you considering replacing your current storage equipment with stainless steel shelving racks? Shelvings is your one-stop-shop in Singapore for all storage, handling, and ergonomic solutions. Contact us today for all of your storage needs, from design to professional installation.


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