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4 Things to Note When Choosing Commercial Security Cages

4 Things to Note When Choosing Commercial Security Cages

Security cages have enclosed shelves that are used to store, organise, and move equipment, tools, and supplies. They are typically either stationary shelf racks or mobile racks fitted with castors. They also have doors fitted with locks and other security features that allow you to keep valuable items in the cage safe from theft or tampering. Whether you work in the manufacturing and production industry or the food and beverage industry, security cages can be used in a variety of ways to improve organisation and help you safely store all items without the fear of losing them. However, these cages also come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Before you make a purchase, here are some important things to take note of.

1. Its Application

If you’re setting up a new facility from scratch, it is important to consider what you’ll need in your space — the number of security cages, shelf racks, and so on. Security cages are available with or without castors and can serve multiple functions. Aside from safely keeping all items out of reach of others, it can also be used as a storage unit to neatly organise all the things you have in your facility.

Instead of purchasing multiple stainless steel shelf racks, you might want to consider getting more security cages so that you can lock your items up after work hours to prevent theft or tampering. The cages that come with castors can also be easily moved from point A to point B, which may help improve operational efficiency.

2. Maintenance & Cleaning

Because you won’t have the extra time or energy to do additional cleaning while you’re at work, an easy-to-clean security cage will be very helpful. Security cages, despite being extremely strong and durable, will sustain damage and weaken over time if not properly cared for. They will, however, be easier to maintain than other materials. Our chrome steel security cages are an ideal choice because they are less prone to corrosion.

Aside from the security cage, consider how easy it is to clean the area around it. Stationary cages are anchored to the ground to make them more stable, but mobile cages are preferable if you want to be able to keep the floor underneath consistently clean.

3. Durability

A security cage should be capable of securely locking up valuable items. It will be a waste of resources and money if your business has to constantly purchase new cages to replace the damaged ones. Purchase your security cages from trustworthy companies to ensure that the equipment is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, heavy loads, as well as durable enough to last a long time.

4. Components

Lastly, the components in your security cage will either aid in improving your storage efficiency or cause you additional problems. Security cages can have a varying number of internal shelves; if you have many small items to store, you can opt for more shelf layers, and if you have many large and tall items to store, you’ll need to account for the height of these items by choosing fewer shelf layers. Also, deciding whether you need castors underneath your security cages — having castors allow you to easily move the cage around, which may be useful to some businesses.

Security cages are very versatile pieces of organisational equipment that can be extremely useful to your business operations if chosen correctly.

Shelvings is a commercial stainless steel equipment supplier in Singapore offering a variety of stainless steel shelves, tables and chrome steel security cages for your organisational needs. Contact us today to see more of our product offerings.


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