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4 steps to efficiently optimise and organise your cold storage facility

Steel Rack Shelvings To Organise Your Cold Storage.

The cold storage is an integral part of any food and beverage business because it helps to safely store food products at their optimal temperature, ensuring that they are safe for consumption.

Many cold storage facilities are frequently neglected, left unclean, and in a state of disarray. It is important to efficiently optimise and organise your food establishment’s cold storage to ensure optimal performance and a safe and efficient working environment. Here’s how to use steel rack shelvings to organise your cold storage.

1. Plan Storage Layout

To ensure freshness and food safety, your cold storage should always be kept at an optimal temperature of less than 4°C. Many factors can influence the temperature within your cold storage and cause it to fluctuate.

Make use of steel rack shelvings to prevent temperature fluctuations, ensure cleanliness and organised storage. These are ideal for use in food establishments because they are highly durable, resistant to the cold, and do not harbour any bacteria. When planning your storage layout, make sure that your steel rack shelving does not block any vents, and isn’t too close to the thermostat or windows as this can affect airflow and residual heat.

2. Plan An Efficient Workspace

When you own a restaurant, you need plenty of space not only for storage but also for food preparation and lots of movement. Apart from steel rack shelving units, it is important that you provide ample space for your staff to perform any other tasks.

Most, if not all stainless steel product suppliers in Singapore also offer stainless steel tables, which are great working spaces in commercial kitchens. Get yourself some tables as well as stainless steel racks with wheels, which serve as easy transportation for your staff to move things around and are great for storage.

Stainless steel tables in cold storage facilities provide you with extra space for sorting, packing, and unpacking tasks while also keeping your food products fresh even during handling.

3. First In First Out System

Stainless steel racks are great for efficient storage, but they must be combined with the right storage system to be effective in making your business run even more smoothly.

This should be pretty straightforward for food and beverage businesses, the First In First Out system is used to organise perishable and consumable goods to reduce spoilage and wastage - the first product placed on the steel rack shelving should be used first. Always make sure that the newest items are placed behind what came first so that what’s in front will be used first.

This ensures that the goods are used before their expiry date, and also encourages your staff to stack and organise goods in an orderly manner.

4. Regular Cleaning

Dust buildup is very common in commercial spaces, and it can block vents and affect the temperature in cold storage. In order to maintain the temperature, regular cleaning should be carried out.

Keeping your vents free of dust will reduce the spread of bacteria and help your warehouse stay at the optimal temperature.

To make cleaning easier, stainless steel racks with wheels will come in handy when you need to move things around.

Managing and organising your cold storage isn’t a difficult task and can be made even easier with the right shelving units. Shop our steel rack shelvings available in many sizes and configurations, designed to provide specific storage solutions.


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