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A Guide To Ensuring The Safety Of Your Warehouse Storage

Workplace safety is extremely important. From properly maintaining your shelving racks to safe operational procedures, here is a guide to ensuring the safety of your warehouse storage space in Singapore.

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Workplace safety is extremely crucial in warehousing operations due to the dangers of falling shelves and inventory. Several deaths have occurred in warehouses across Singapore due to the poor maintenance and misuse of shelving racks, which could have been prevented if companies were extra careful with their warehousing and storage operations.

To help ensure the safety of your employees and prevent fatalities in warehouse storage facilities or other premises, we’ve compiled a list of safety precautions you can adopt in your business operations. 3

1. Clear Away Safety Hazards

Shelving racks are one of the most important parts of a storage facility. In some facilities, they take up the most amount of space and can cause the biggest problems when they are not properly cared for.

The surrounding area of these shelving racks should also be kept safe and clean at all times. Safety hazards such as stray cords, wiring, flammable liquid or cracked floors can all pose a risk, even items that may not seem dangerous, such as loose materials left along aisles and dirty floors can cause accidents in the workplace.

One of the ways to combat this is to always run a safety check to ensure that the area around your steel rack shelvings is free from hazards.

2. Store According To Manufacturer Instructions

Every shelving rack comes with a set of manufacturer’s instructions indicating the recommended storage capacity and proper usage guidelines. These instructions are important and should be followed closely because they help to ensure that you do not overload your stainless steel shelf rack or damage it due to improper storage. Following the set of instructions will help you to minimise the risk of accidents happening.

Before you purchase a set of shelving racks for your facility, make sure that you find one that can accommodate your inventory so that you will never have to overload your steel rack shelving.

3. Adopt Safe Operations

Stainless steel shelf racks are only intended to support a certain amount of uniformly distributed weight; they are not designed to be stood on or climbed on.

If workers climb onto storage shelves that are not secured to the ground, they can easily be damaged, collapse, and cause serious injury. Hence, instead of relying on the shelving rack to support your weight, use safer equipment or a proper ladder to reach items on higher shelves.

Attempting to retrieve items from a height when one can barely reach them is also dangerous because losing grip can result in items falling on a worker. Necessary training and operational guidelines should be put in place to educate workers and prevent them from performing dangerous acts that can endanger their lives.

4. Repair or Replace When Necessary

Damaged or faulty shelving racks are more likely to collapse and cause accidents even if no one touches them. When you notice significant damage to your steel rack shelving, replace it as soon as possible with new and sturdy ones, and avoid placing heavy items on it until it is replaced.

No matter what industry you work in, ensuring workplace safety is critical. Consider implementing these guidelines to prevent workplace accidents caused by storage units if your facility has at least one or two shelving racks.

Are you looking for new stainless steel shelving racks in Singapore? Shelvings offers excellent storage, handling and ergonomic solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Contact us today to find out more.


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